The Carmelite Contemplative Circles (Online) are open to anyone interested in drinking from the wellsprings of Carmel’s 800-year old tradition of spiritualities to satisfy the burning thirst for intimacy with God. All Christians from every walk of life are welcome. In these circles, you will find support on your spiritual journey through the assistance of members of the circle and the Carmelite team associated with the Carmelite Priory in Oxford, England.
Online regular meetings take a simple format:
Shared wisdom: insights from a shared reading of selected text on Carmelite themes (prayer, silence, solitude, the spiritual journey, seeking and finding God, etc.) or by Carmelite saints
Shared prayer: silent / guided prayer
Shared friendship: like Saint Teresa’s first new foundation at St. Joseph’s. 
The Priory will support each group with video and other resources for spiritual growth as well as spiritual assistance offered by Carmelites associated with the Priory.  The circle is a source of enrichment. It will open you up to God’s tender and nurturing love present and active in our lives. 
If you would like more information please contact: