Damaged Fruit By Susan Muto

Damaged Fruit By Susan Muto In his book, Descending Fire: The Journal of a Soul Aflame, Fr. Jean Petit cites St. Thérèse of Lisieux as having said that she liked “to see fruits fall before they are ripe.” He goes on to say that in “the ...

Damaged Fruit By Susan Muto

Susan Muto – April, 2020

Being and Becoming Forgiving Persons

Being and Becoming Forgiving Persons by Susan Muto  To be and become forgiving persons is to remember that our transgressions have already been forgiven by God (see Ps 32:1). The exemplary life of Jesus brings us to our knees in ...

Messengers of the Mystery

Messengers of the Mystery by Susan Muto In an informational age like our own, it is embarrassing to admit that certain questions defy explanation. The circumstances surrounding them remain a mystery to the best minds. There are ...

Twelve Roadmaps to Spiritual Renewal (1): Never, Ever Lose Hope

If there is hope that a tree, cut down for timber or thinned for fire safety, can sprout again and send out fresh green shoots, then there must be hope for us. Let’s face it, we are like these trees:  cut down by grief, by betrayed trust, by dashed expectations. At times we feel so hopeless that we wonder if the hope we once had is lost forever.  Will it ever spring eternal again?