EDITORIAL: 68/1 January 2020

January 2020 – From Mount Carmel Vol 68. No. 1

‘There is hope for your future!’ declares the Lord
(Jer 31:17).

As the New Year begins, what better words could we desire to hear than these sacred words that have the guarantee of divine assurance. They are a powerful reminder that, even in today’s world of much uncertainty and sometimes turmoil, God always has a plan; a Divine Plan to give us a future and a hope (cf. Jer 29:11). This plan often requires careful discern-ment on our part. Hence, there is the need to be open to what the Spirit is saying. It also requires our willingness to be led by God’s hand and to journey on a path which perhaps we might be fearful to thread. Yet, such a path will always lead to green pastures for the one who leads is the Good Shepherd who cares for his flock.

Many of the articles in this issue dwell on the theme of renewal. Authentic and lasting renewal of the spiritual life of course, is always the work of the Holy Spirit. It always requires our letting go and letting God do the work of divine renovation in our lives and in our institutions – our homes, our communities and our Church. For if we would let go, God is able, ‘through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we could ever ask for or even dare to imagine. (Eph 3:20)’

As the New Year begins, our Mount Carmel team, responding to the request of our many loyal readers, have incorporated new features into the magazine with the hope that they will contribute to helping people grow in their spiritual lives. We have the new section ‘Companions on the Journey’ which will feature in each issue a less known saint or blessed of the Carmelite family. We have over forty friends in heaven from our own Carmelite family whom the Church presents to us as models and companions on the journey of the spiritual life. As Pope St Clement I would encourage us, ‘Follow the saints, because those who follow them will become saints.’ This is a good advice worth heeding. There’s also another new section ‘News & Views’, where we can share with you the many beautiful things God is doing in this vine of Carmel. This will help us to stay connected with each other, allowing us to share our joys and blessings, our sorrows and concerns, for we are family. And, of course, the new cover! That’s more of a practical necessity. It will save us in printing costs to have one cover for the four issues of the magazine each year. This will help us to keep paying the bills.

My apologies that this issue will appear late due to a thesis that had to be completed.

New Year blessings to All!
Alexander of Mary Queen Beauty of Carmel, OCD