LENTEN RETREAT 2021 “Be Drawn to Christ”


17th February to 24th March 2021
LENTEN RETREAT “Be drawn to Christ”

From earliest times Christianity has celebrated its sensitivity towards the redemptive work of Christ in its liturgy. The season of Lent is that liturgical season calling powerfully to each Christian to renew the gift of baptism into Christ’s death so as to live anew by the power of his resurrection. Christians journey 40 days and nights imitating Jesus’ desert experience in a spirit of togetherness.

Be drawn to Christ” is a weekly Wednesday invitation to engage your faith journey. Whether you may have shrugged off, or never much committed yourself to a regular time of praying meditatively – why not let this time be different? Let this mini-series accompany that inner emptiness, call it dis-ease within, that wants God.

On Ash Wednesday, you will receive an email welcoming you to the retreat. Our live-stream sessions will consist of prayer and reflections on chosen themes. On each Sunday of Lent, you will receive Bible Reflections inspired by Carmelite Spirituality along with short texts for prayers. Each week, you will also receive an email with a link to our website where you will find the resources for the previous week’s reflection (audio, texts and video). These will offer you inspirations for the journey towards Easter, hopefully as you continue to access throughout the season of Lent be food for your journey of faith.