About Mount Carmel

Our Story

Mount Carmel is the flagship magazine of the Discalced Carmelite friars of Great Britain and Ireland. It Is read and loved all over the world and contains 80 pages (21 cm x 15 cm) of Articles, Poems and Book Reviews in each issue; there are 4 issues a year. It has a strong focus on helping people to develop a life of prayer, so as to live their Christian life to the full. We publish contributions by Carmelites and non-Carmelites alike.

Our Mission

The mission of Mount Carmel is to make available, in an accessible form, the riches of biblical Carmelite spirituality to all. It is important to us to make as widely available as possible the message of prayer and friendship with God, and to bring to Church teachings the insights of Carmelite spirituality in a way that is both accessible to the general reader and rich with insight and depth. We wholeheartedly believe in Mount Carmel as a means of fulfilling our perennial and deepest desire to make God better known and loved, and to help you in your spiritual life.

Comments – What our readers are saying

“As good as a book – wonderful for sharing the faith.” (A missionary sister in Nigeria)

“There is something for everyone. It speaks to life. It touches the core.” (A lay reader in England)

“It helps me write my homilies and sustains me during prayer.” (A parish priest in the United States)

“Ideal for busy people: great spiritual depth but in article length.” (A spiritual director in Ireland)

Why read Mount Carmel?

  • For growth in your spiritual life and to deepen your experience of God’s love.
  • For true spiritual nourishment for growth in your prayer life…
  • For inspiration in your spiritual journey from the wisdom of a venerable contemplative tradition…
  • For a way to develop your friendship with Christ.

Mount Carmel is a rich source of spiritual teaching and well worth reading for help in prayer and for living one’s daily life with God.

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Try a one-year subscription (all prices include postage) – £24 United Kingdom; €40 Airmail to Republic of Ireland and Europe; $54 Airmail to rest of world – by contacting the: Carmelite Book Service, Carmelite Priory, Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5HB; tel. + 44-1865 730183 or order by clicking the “Order” button.