(Cherith Brook)

Be fed and refreshed for the journey
(cf. 1 Kings 19:5-8)



INDIVIDUALLY GUIDED RETREAT (ONLINE) with your personal Director



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Cherith Brook is a place where God invited the prophet Elijah to go in order to be nourished and refreshed so as to renew his strength for his journey. There God supplied his needs. Like Elijah you will find here a place of hospitality, communion, refreshment and renewal.

Our ministry is focussed on facilitating the transformative work of Christ in you through:

  • Renewing your strength by sharing the gourmet food of mystical wisdom of the Carmelite tradition and of her saints.
  • Resourcing you with world-class teaching that can help facilitate this to become a transformative experience.
  • Reviving your spirit by sharing with you the hope of promise revealed by God’s word and so empowering you to take one more step on the spiritual journey especially when the journey is difficult.

Taking part in an ONLINE RETREAT

How does it work?

Click the registration button to see details of the online ticket.

Click ADD TO BASKET, then VIEW BASKET and follow on-screen instructions from there.

We’ll register you for the retreat. You will receive a confirmation message from us by email with details about the retreat.


I’m sure you will agree that we spend money on things that are valuable to us. So, I do hope that you will consider spending just a small amount for the gourmet food of spiritual wisdom that nurtures our spiritual lives and fortifies us for the journey. Wherer there is a free option, you may consider making a suggested offering of £8.99 or more which will help our ministry to keep going..

Here at the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality, our one and only concern is helping as many people as possible be renewed in their spiritual lives. It costs us to design and deliver our retreats, provide guidance and community in order to facilitate a spiritually enriching experience for retreatants.

As part of some Retreat Events – Guided Session Options via Zoom may be available

We are able to offer a number of Individually Guided Sessions (IGS) and Group Guided Sessions (GGS) through Zoom for a very affordable fee. An IGS offers you the opportunity to review the week and reflect on your life with the assistance of an experienced spiritual guide, paying closer attention to how and where God has been at work in your life. The GSS is like an IGS but done with a group of 7-10 persons. Both our IGS and GGS allow you the opportunity to journey with another person or others, learn from them and share the questions or doubts you may have.

Places are LIMITED.

For any queries, please contact us at