Help with our Online Retreat

Answers to commonly asked questions

1.How do I log in to see my Lent2020 materials?

We have improved the way that we are able to bring you the materials for our Lent 2020 series.

This is now being brought to you through our online learning system which we use for our other courses such as Living Prayer, Spiritual Direction Training Program etc.

If you have signed up after 25-Feb-2020 then you will have received an email with your user account and password details. Those that have signed up before that, we have now created user accounts and signed you up to the new online course. You can use the default password LENT2020 (new subscribers, use the one in your welcome email).

To view your Lent2020 materials.

  • First, hover over your mouse over (or tap on) Online Retreat at the top of the web page.
  • Select Log In
  • Enter the username that you received in the welcome email, or the email address that you used to sign up with.
  • Enter the password given to you in the welcome email, or if you don’t have one use LENT2020.

The password sent out to you will have been automatically generated to comply with security policies. It may be easier to copy and paste it from your email than attempt to type it in. The website will remember your password, so you won’t need to enter it each time you try to sign in. You can change your password by clicking on My Profile under the Online Retreat menu tab.

You will now see the course(s) that you are subscribed to.

Just click on the course to see the introduction and below that, links to the materials for each week which will appear over time as the season of lent progresses. (Our learning system calls them ‘lessons’!).

After that, if you are returning to read more, just click or tap on Lent2020 under the Online Retreat menu tab.