Bl. Francisco Palau LIGHT for THE WORLD

ONLINE TALK: Bl. Francisco Palau (1811 – 1872)
Baptiste Sauvage, OCD (Fribourg, Switzerland)



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7th February 2021 16:00 hrs UK
February 7th, 2021
(16:00) UK
The Spain of Blessed Francisco Palau was particularly marked by civil wars and ideological struggles. The Church was targeted and persecuted. In this difficult context, Palau’s life was marked by much suffering, exile, and persecution by both the civil and Church authorities. However, it was in the midst of his sufferings that Palau discovered deep truths that transformed his life and united him more closely to Jesus and his Church. Father Baptiste Sauvage, a French Discalced Carmelite and one of the foremost authorities on Bl. Francisco Palau, will explore in his presentation the life of this faithful son of St Teresa of Avila, highlighting the significance of his deep mystical teachings and their relevance for us today.
This presentation will help you:
  • be inspired towards a deeper relationship with Christ
  • understand the reality of spiritual warfare
  • incorporate the power of intercessory prayer into your own spiritual practice as an expression of love
  • explore the mystical nature of the Church
  • reflect on your relationship with the Church of our time in its human and mystical dimensions
  • discover how Mary is the icon and the most perfect figure of the Church
Registration includes:
  • two hours of live presentation
  • a month’s access after the live-presentation of the recorded video







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7th February 2021