Bl. Marie-Eugène

ONLINE TALKBl. Marie-Eugène (1894 – 1967)
Dorle Merchiers, NDV (Venasque, France)



11th April 2021 16:00 hrs UK 


My calling is to lead people to God.

Blessed Marie-Eugène of the Child Jesus was convinced that Carmelite spirituality had to be shared widely. He said: “This treasure of Carmel, this love of God wants to spread itself out and seeks out souls from all places to call them to His intimacy and to reveal the secrets of His heart.” (Carmel 1968) This presentation will focus on the life and work of Bl. Marie-Eugène with an emphasis on how his life and teachings are a testimony that Carmelite spirituality enables and empowers the human person to flourish and attain the fullness of life as Jesus promised in John 10:10 – “I have come that you may have life in abundance.”

From this presentation you will be:

  • introduced to the life, mission and spirituality of Blessed Marie-Eugène
  • inspired to discover for yourself the friendship of the Holy Spirit
  • helped to appreciate the spiritual heritage of Carmel in the spirituality of her Saints
  • renewed in your love for the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Carmel

Dorle Merchiers, NDV (Venasque, France)
Our speaker has been a member of Notre-Dame de Vie Secular Institute since 1963. As such, she had the chance to get to know Father Marie-Eugène and to benefit from his spiritual guidance and teaching. Until she retired, in 2015, she was a Professor of German literature and civilization at the University in Montpellier (South of France). She now spends most of her time translating texts from Father Marie-Eugène. Currently, she is reviewing the English edition of I Want to See God, Father Marie-Eugène’s magnum opus.

Blessed Marie-Eugène: A Spiritual Guide for Our Times is the fifth presentation in the Light for the World Series featuring six exceptional Carmelites who lived at a time of much political and social strife yet witnessed to the spirit of true Carmelite humanism. The series explores their courage and Gospel fidelity which remain an inspiration for us today.

Registration includes:

  • two hours of live presentation
  • a month’s access after the live-presentation of the recorded video
  • Each Talk will last 90 minutes (45 minutes x 2 with a 10 minutes break in-between).

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11th April 2021