Enriching Direction 4-July

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Saturday 4 July, 13:00 – 15:00pm

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Enriching Direction 4-July

Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe, OCD

Prayer, as taught by spiritual writers transcends space and time. In other words, God is not limited by space. As prayer ministers at a time like this, we feel handicapped and frustrated. Prayer ministers are, as it were, thrown into unknown deep water where they have the choice of either swimming or drowning. There is a growing awareness that prayer ministers are frontline “workers” in the battle against Covid-19. How has the experience of the pandemic reshaped our ministry? What deep spiritual value did we learn from this experience as frontline workers?

In this two-part presentation, Fr Kelvin will explore these questions examining the nature of prayer ministries from its earliest origins, its mode of expressions and lessons for our ongoing Christian formation at this unprecedented times and beyond.

This presentation is part of the Enriching Ministry Day specially dedicated to prayer ministers.
It aims to resource prayer ministers who have to support the faithful, distressed in these perplexing times who seek solace from God and a strong spiritual front against this plague.

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Lecture Date

4th July 2020


Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe, OCD