Hermann Cohen LIGHT for THE WORLD

ONLINE TALK: Hermann Cohen (1820 – 1871)
 Matt Blake, OCD (London, UK)



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21st February 2021 16:00hrs  UK

Enamoured by the Eucharist

“Jesus Christ is in the Holy Eucharist. This Eucharist is life and happiness itself!”

These times can rightly be described as a time of Eucharistic famine. However, the life and ministry of Hermann Cohen offer us much hope that times of refreshing can come from the presence of the Lord (cf. Acts 3:20). Hermann was an accomplished musician who played in the royal courts of Europe and was acquainted with Franz Liszt, George Sand and the many celebrities of his day. What made this young man give up his search for happiness in artistic fame? What did he see in the spirituality made popular by Teresa of Ávila who like himself was of Jewish ancestry and made him embrace it? How did this new discovery empower him to initiate a renewal of faith for his contemporaries?
Fr Matt Blake, a Carmelite priest and a well-known authority in Carmelite Spirituality will explore in his presentation the life, mission and spirituality of Hermann Cohen. From this presentation we can:
  • discover a renewed appreciation of the Eucharistic presence of Christ
  • learn how an encounter with the Eucharistic Christ leads to a true love of others.
  • discover how the spirituality of Carmel can help you towards a renewed faith and intimacy with God.
This is the second presentation in the Light for the World Series featuring six exceptional Carmelites who lived at a time of much political and social strife yet witnessed to the spirit of true Carmelite humanism. The series explores their courage and Gospel fidelity which remain an inspiration for us today.


Registration includes:
  • two hours of live presentation
  • a month’s access after the live-presentation of the recorded video
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21st February 2021