Lenten Retreat Individually Guided Session

The season of Lent is that liturgical season calling powerfully to each Christian to renew the gift of baptism into Christ’s death so as to live anew by the power of his resurrection.



Individually Guided Session  Options via Zoom

The  Individually Guided Session (IGS) offers you the opportunity to review the week and reflect on your life with the assistance of an experienced spiritual guide, paying closer attention to how and where God has been at work in your life. Both our IGS and GGS allow you the opportunity to journey with another person or others, learn from them and share the questions or doubts you may have.

Places are LIMITED. If you’re interested, but do not want to register yet, you can talk to us at ruth.preston@carmelite.org.uk

Times and dates will be confirmed upon application.

Group Guided Sessions (GGS)








Image credit – Jim Caviezel in his role as Jesus – Sequel to  The Passion of the Christ.

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