Père Jacques de Jésus

ONLINE TALK: Père Jacques de Jésus (1900 – 1945)
Heather Ward, OCDS (Derbyshire, UK)




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25th April 2021 16:00 hrs UK

A Man for All Seasons

Like the English scholar, humanist and martyr Thomas More, the Carmelite Père Jacques (Lucien Bunel) can truly be called “a man for all seasons”. Born in France in 1900 and dying in 1945 he lived through two world-shattering wars and in a country scarred by intense class conflict. Père Jacques was a gifted preacher and youth leader; a teacher with a revolutionary vision of education and love of human culture; a patriot who knew the life of a conscript, prisoner of war and member of the French Resistance; a “martyr of love” who died in a concentration camp and is numbered among the “Righteous of the Nations” by Jews; but above all, and integrating all, a Carmelite priest on fire with love for God. Dr Heather Ward, a secular Carmelite and tutor for the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality, will explore in her presentation how Père Jacques leads us into a deeper engagement with the liberating and core Christian values of prayer, detachment and self-knowledge.

This presentation will:

  • deepen your appreciation of how contemplation and activity can be united
  • open for you a fresh approach to the reality of suffering and death
  • lead you to a deeper appreciation and love for the best in human culture
  • show you the fruitfulness of a life given wholly to God and for others
  • inspire you towards a deeper intimacy with God
  • show you how Carmelite spirituality enables us to inform and defend true human values

Your Speaker
Heather Ward, OCDS, BA, M.Ed., PhD
Heather is a Carmelite with many years of experience in spiritual guidance and serves as a formator for the Secular Order in the UK. She teaches a number of modules on Carmelite spirituality for the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland (CIBI) and is a tutor on the Spiritual Direction Training Programme of CACS.

Registration includes:

  • two hours of live presentation
  • a month’s access after the live presentation of the recorded video

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25th April 2021