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Prayer Guides Course
ONLINE from 20th March 2021

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The Prayer Guides Course is intended for those who desire to deepen their prayer experience and feel called to accompany others who turn to them for support on their spiritual journey. As part of the course, experiential sessions in which aspects of prayer – forms of prayer, difficulties in prayer, aids to prayer, etc. – will be explored. Presentations on basic skills for leading prayer sessions in different contexts will, listening skills and relationship dynamics will form part of the course. The Prayer Guides course is, therefore, suitable for a wide range of people: those who work in pastoral settings (hospitals, chaplaincies, prisons, spiritual direction and retreat ministries) and those who realise the importance of prayer in their lives and are seeking a deeper relationship with God and support and encouragement in their search.

There are two levels of the course: Level I (The Foundations of Prayer) and Level II (The Experience of Prayer). Each level can stand alone. You may take Level I and then a break to return to Level II at your own convenience when next it is offered. Level II builds on the modules explored in Level I.

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