Transition Retreats



Transition Retreats

The theme running through all three retreats is that of transition and therefore they will address “liminal” movements across a threshold of profound change in the retreatants in a safe, prayerful holding space. They will not be “silent” in the traditional sense and will include talks, group facilitated sessions and possible 1:1 meetings with the retreat director for those who attend in person.

An Introduction From Nigel Rooms

Tuesday 18th October: Navigating Life Transitions
For anyone in transition such as moving house or job, into retirement or just coping with change.
Wednesday 19th October Seeking integration through the mid-life transition
Generally for people aged around 35-55 engaging with that transition when we have less time left than we have already lived…
Thursday 20th October: The ultimate transition: facing up to death
In an age of denial we spend a day embracing the reality of our own death

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Streamed online – see series link page for access.

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