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Brian McNamee and Armelle Belcher share their experience from the –

Light for the World SeriesBlessed Marie Eugène of the Child Jesus by Dorothea Merchiers from
Notre Dame de Vie (Our Lady of Life), Venasque, France.
Dorotheas (Dorle’s) talk was a wonderful insight into the life of Blessed Marie Eugène in which she shared his great Faith journey, his life journey including serving as a soldier in the First World War where incredibly all his command were saved, his dedication to prayer and in particular the Holy Spirit, his devotion to St. Thérèse, St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross. She described him as being radiant with God whilst being aware of what was going on in the world. He founded NDV in Provence after becoming certain he should be a Carmelite at the age of 26.
He was very strict to his fidelity of two hours of silent prayer every day and even came up against criticism from his fellow Friars. He encouraged everyone to read the Bible to truly identify with Jesus. In all his ways he wanted to be like Jesus. He said he did not choose John of the Cross, John of the Cross took hold of him. What fascinated him was the absoluteness of his call to God and said that God demands the absolute gift of ourselves. He said that Saint John of the Cross talked about faith alone and said that it was the essential part of prayer. Where the spirit breathes God is a flaming blaze. What I get when I touch God is divine life. God is there and gives himself. He says “have faith in your faith”. He told Dorle to start reading Saint John of the Cross by the living flame as you will discover the goal.  
Dorle was 16 when she first met him. She was in awe of him and said you could “feel God’s presence in him”. By his nature, he was very jovial and full of humour although she added that he was also very strict and demanding as far as God’s rights were concerned! He died on Easter Monday 27/3/67 and said on his death bed “I am going towards the embrace of the Holy Spirit”. 
After almost 2 hours it felt that we had barely begun to truly understand Saint Marie Eugène through the first-hand account of Dorle and that she had only just opened the door to us to begin to know him. This left us wanting to learn so much more. 
Thank You, Dorle. 
On Sunday afternoon 11 April 2021, I attended remotely the talk on Blessed Marie-Eugene by Dorle, a member of Notre Dame de Vie.  As someone who has met him, living in the community he helped set up, she was able to open wide the doors into his life for us, into what drew him to Carmel, including the obstacles, and the foundation of Notre Dame de Vie with his extraordinary vision and discernment on how it should be organised, his missionary work all over the world and his teaching and spiritual guidance at a one to one level, all with great strength and humour. Dorle did this very simply, very joyfully, and even with the slight occasional delays of IT presentation being run remotely and blindly by Fr Kelvin, it was a wonderful couple of hours which literally flew by and left a joyful and satisfying flavour.
An added special interest for me was on two counts:
Amongst the people attending this talk were five of us who are members of the Blessed Marie-Eugene Secular Carmelite community-based at Boars Hill, Oxford and it was wonderful, enlightening, encouraging, and refreshing for us to be there. It was by the same Holy Spirit that we were inspired to leave our previous community which had grown too big after being inspired by him!
On a personal level, I had met Dorle in Notre Dame de Vie in 2019. My daughter-in-law had unknowingly booked a villa about ten miles from there. I had to go! Dorle is the one who welcomed me, showed me around, invited me to share lunch with her community, and prayed with me in the chapel. Her joy and simplicity are the same today as I found then.


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