Scripture & Spirituality Summer School
We are sorry to announce that it will not be possible to run the Summer School as planned.  It will be postponed.  Please look for updates. 

(JULY 6-10)

Spiritually Enriching, Intellectually Stimulating

Welcome to the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality One-Week
Scripture & Spirituality Summer School

A biblical and spiritual formation programme to suit all Christians – clergy, laity and the inquisitive

The Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality One-Week Scripture & Spirituality Summer Programme is a most unique intensive contemplative and formative learning experience in Europe. It offers a wonderful combination of academic and pastoral approach to biblical and spirituality studies, and an applied dimension answering to contemporary needs.

This programme offers an exciting new opportunity for biblical and spiritual formation. Spiritual Accompaniment, Guided Prayer, silent reflection and the celebration of Contemplative Eucharist are special features of this unique formative programme, nurturing the whole person – body, mind, soul and spirit.


I will fill those who feel tired and worn out with new life and energy (Jeremiah 31:25)


Participants may choose to either follow the Biblical or the Spirituality programme, or a combination of courses from both programmes.

New Beginnings: Soundings from the Book of Exodus
Thaddeus Ekuma OCD

New life in Christ: The Gospel of Mark and Mystical Initiation
Alexander Ezechukwu OCD

St Thérèse and the Spirituality of the Little Way of Love
Vincent O’Hara OCD

Holy Wisdom: Exploring the Spiritual Canticle of Saint John of the Cross
Matt Blake OCD