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The Teresian Media Publications, based in Boars Hill, Oxford, is the publishing house of the Discalced Carmelite friars of Great Britain and Ireland. It serves to promote the collective wisdom of our Carmelite tradition through print, audio and video productions. Our publications comprise prayerful reflections on Scripture, the teachings of our saints, and accounts of the experience of prayer. We have brought out titles on Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Thérèse of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity, and our books are regularly reprinted and translated into other languages.

TMP is an integrated network of our quarterly “Mount Carmel” magazine, the “ABCS” Series, Teresian Press, Teresian Media digital productions and the Carmelite Book Service.

MOUNT CARMEL is a quarterly review of the spiritual life. Its aims are to help people in every aspect of their lives by sharing and exploring with them the rich sources of Carmelite teaching on prayer within the broad perspective of Christian spirituality and life experience. READ MORE

The APPLIED BIBLICAL CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRITUALITY SERIES (The ABCS Series) features titles on biblical Carmelite themes and their application to lived experience. This Series is an imprint of the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality (CACS) which promotes research, publications and training in the field of Applied Carmelite Spirituality and related topics with the aim of popularising and promoting biblical Carmelite spirituality and the life of prayer. The proceedings of the annual Scripture and Contemplative Spirituality Conference (SCSC) hosted by CACS are published as part of the ABCS Series.

How Do I Pray Today?
Volume 1: The Experience of Prayer
Alexander Ezechukwu OCD & Joanna Mosley
ISBN 978-0947916206

Few people have any idea of the quality of their own prayer. Adding to the confusion is the fact that there is usually nothing to measure it against. How Do I Pray Today? was designed for that very purpose: to allow a privileged insight into how others pray and ways of relating to God – every approach to God being as unique as the person praying. Volume 1, The Experience of Prayer, contains eleven personal testimonies from people in all walks of life – married or single, priests, lay or religious – which encourage us to ‘pray always and never lose heart’ (Luke 18:1). Combined with Questions for Reflection or Discussion, it is a perfect book for use by groups, or by individuals at home or on a private retreat.

TERESIAN PRESS books and booklets (including the ‘Living Flame’ imprint) are Carmelite literature, the aim of which is to popularise and promote Carmelite spirituality and the life of prayer at very affordable prices. One of our notable bestsellers is the profound but very accessible introduction to Carmelite prayer, Upon This Mountain by Sr Mary McCormack, OCD, which is available in several languages, both European and in Chinese and Japanese. Our other authors include Fr Iain Matthew, OCD, already well known for The Impact of God on St John of the Cross, Fr Conrad De Meester, OCD, the foremost authority on St Elizabeth and Brother Lawrence, Fr Tomás Alvarez, the world expert on St Teresa of Avila, and Fr James McCaffrey.

Elizabeth of the Trinity: The Unfolding of Her Message

Volume 1: In the World & In community
Joanna Mosley
ISBN 978-0947916114

The subtitle of this biography – The Unfolding of Her Message – is key to understanding its approach, as it traces the unfolding of St Elizabeth’s inner life, in a readable and informative way. Volume One covers her life in the world and her first five years in Carmel.

Elizabeth of the Trinity: The Unfolding of Her Message

Volume 2: In the Infirmary & After her Death
Joanna Mosley
ISBN 978-0947916121

Volume 2 of this biography of St Elizabeth of the Trinity tells of the development of her remarkably rich inner life during her final year, and continues the story of the unfolding of her message in the century after her death: from popular responses to Elizabeth, to the trends in publications on her, and the path that led to sainthood.

Holiness For All: Themes from St Thérèse of Lisieux

Aloysius Rego, 0CD
ISBN 978-0947916107

Echoing the universal called to holiness of Vatican II, this book contains clear and insightful presentation of the doctrine of St Thérèse of Lisieux, not least one of the most helpful explanations possible of her ‘Little Way’.

Infinite Horizons: Scripture through Carmelite Eyes

James McCaffrey, 0CD
ISBN 978-0947916138

This is an inspiring, insightful exploration of biblical themes as seen through the lens of common light spirituality. Themes include: the richness of scripture, the prayer of Jesus, the mystery of human suffering, and prayer to the Holy Spirit, as well as a guide to the practice of lectio divina.

Journey of Love: Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle.

Eugene McCaffrey, OCD
ISBN 9780-947916183

This beautiful and helpful short guide to St Teresa’s masterpiece, The Interior Castle, captures the essence of the spiritual quest – a search for God that is a journey of love.

Let Yourself Be Loved: Elizabeth of the Trinity

Eugene McCaffrey, OCD

This is a beautiful, accessible introduction to aspects of prayer of Elizabeth of the Trinity. Enhanced by photographs of Elizabeth and quotations from her writings, it makes a lovely and inspiring gift.

Praying with St Teresa: Through The Way of Perfection

Jerome Lantry, OCD

St Teresa‘s book The Way of Perfection is a classic guide to prayer and Christian living. Praying with St Teresa presents this work in the lively, practical and accessible way, and shows that a prayer-filled life is within the reach of everyone.

John of the Cross: Seasons of Prayer

Matthew, Iain, OCD

This book will speak to anyone who is seeking to integrate their daily life, their aspirations and their needs, with an intimate relationship with God: a divine adventure that can bring us inner healing and transformation – more than we could possibly hope for, yet which, John shows us, is truly within our reach. Articles previously published in Mount Carmel now reissued in a single volume in response to popular demand.

Saint Theresa and the Our Father: A Catechism of Prayer

Aloysius regal, OCD
ISBN 9780-947916176

St Teresa‘s commentary on the Our Father is considered one of the most profound ever written. It is explored in this excellent presentation which could rightly be called a ‘catechism of prayer’ and a ‘manual of friendship with God’.

The writings of Saint Teresa of Avila: An Introduction

Eugene McCaffrey, OCD
ISBN 9780-947916152

This guide to the works of Saint Theresa is deceptively simple: a short, popular book, it is nonetheless full of helpful information as well as prayerful teachings, covering the background, contents and lessons of the writings of Saint Teresa.

Upon This Mountain: Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition


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